Preliminary legal information

Information from § 312e BGB i.V.m. § 3 BGB-InfoV

1. technical steps leading to the conclusion of a contract
You have the opportunity to view transactions such as orders, deliveries, etc. at your password-protected customer account at any time.

The following steps explain in detail how to place an order with us. Please read this explanation carefully before making a purchase.

You select articles without obligation from our assortment.
If you have found the desired product in our assortment, you can put the product into your shopping cart without obligation by clicking the shopping cart button, which is shown directly at the product.

View the contents of your shopping cart without obligation.
If you would like to view the contents of your current shopping cart without obligation, click on the shopping cart icon, which is visible during your entire stay on our website and also shows you the number of selected products.

Delete all or part of the contents of the shopping cart.
If you want to change the quantity of a selected item, select the desired quantity using the pull-down menu provided. If you want to delete items from your shopping cart, simply use the "delete" icon to the right of the total for that item.

New customer registration and login with existing customer account.
When you have found all the items you want and placed them in your shopping cart, you can continue the ordering process by clicking the "Proceed to checkout" button. Now you can log in with your customer data. If you do not have any customer data yet, you have to click on the button "New customer" at this point. On the following page you can create a personal customer account or continue the order by clicking on "I do not want to create a customer account".

Selection of delivery and payment terms.
After successful registration, successful login or entering your data, you will be taken to the next page in the ordering process. Here you can select your desired delivery and payment method without obligation. After selecting the desired delivery and payment method, you will be shown the shipping costs without obligation. You can change these at any time by selecting another delivery and payment method.

Specification of a delivery address.
If the selected products are not to be delivered to your billing address, you can specify a different delivery address here.

Confirm order.
Clicking the "Continue" button will take you to the confirmation page, where you can once again view all the details of your order without obligation. All costs incurred will be shown to you at this point. If you want to make changes, you can use the "Back" button.
If you want to complete the order, please read and confirm our terms and conditions.

Complete the order.
When you have confirmed and checked all the information, you can authorize us to execute your order by clicking the "Submit order" button.

Order successfully completed.
The receipt of your order will be confirmed on the following page. At this point you have the possibility to print the details of the order. Also, shortly after pressing the button "Send order now" you will receive a confirmation of receipt of your order sent to the e-mail address specified in the customer account.

2. electronic confirmation of the order
The buyer receives immediately after receipt of the order electronically a confirmation of receipt of the order.

3. storage of the contract text by the entrepreneur (and the buyer)
The data required for the execution of the contract between you and us are stored by us and are accessible to you at any time. In this respect, we refer to the regulation of data protection in our terms and conditions. During the ordering process, you have the option to save the contract texts and instructions as a pdf file.

4 Recognition of input errors and their correction
You can identify any input errors when placing your order during the final confirmation before checkout and correct them at any time using the delete and change function before sending the order.

5. languages available for the conclusion of the contract
The language available for the conclusion of the contract is exclusively German.

6. codes of conduct
We are not subject to any special codes of conduct not mentioned above.