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Voltage regulator Voltage regulator
In order to ensure trouble-free operation, most of our instruments require a constant 12V direct current power source. As not all vehicles are equipped with a respective battery or a fitting regulator, we have developed a voltage...
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RPM signal filter RPM signal filter
RPM signal filter This product can help to retain a more permanent RPM signal. It is easy to install and is adaptable to all Koso meters with RPM. Effective voltage DC12V Effective temperature range -10°C - +60°C Standard JIS D 5601 Size...
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Signal adaptor Gear Meter Signal adaptor Gear Meter
The gear indicator works by checking the signal from speed and RPM, so it is quite easy to install and use. On the gear indicator, we already designed a shift light, so it could tell you the best time for changing the gear. Gear meter...
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RPM Filter 0-100 K Ohm RPM Filter 0-100 K Ohm
RPM Filter 0-100 K Ohm
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